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Eat, Buy & Stay

What would you like to do, to eat and to buy in Kyoto? And where would you like to stay?
Here GTK would like to introduce shops, restaurants, accommodation and also the workshops where you can enjoy
Japanese cultural experiences.


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WAK JAPAN offers a variety of Japanese cultural experiences such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, kimono wearing, origami, Japanese cooking etc. for visitors from overseas. Also we have a unique program in which you visit the instructor’s home and do each workshop with a feeling of being at home. It would be a memorable and precious time during your stay in Japan.

Art day

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Art Fair Kyoto 2011

Art Fair Kyoto 2011

Isn’t it too early to start the “tsuyu” rainy season now? It’s still in the middle of May!

The weather forecast of this summer is reported , of course terribly hot, and a lot of rain (Oh~ no!!).  I remember the crazy heat of last summer continued until the beginning of last October. But it was dry (compared to a regular summer in Japan!), few rain.

And What’s more, we have to save electricity this summer, which come from the accident of the nuclear plants. I want to save my work this summer!  Don’t you think it’s a nice way?

Well, I enjoyed two styles of art last Sunday.

One is contemporary art at “Art Fair Kyoto”, which is the festival of art galleries.  It was held at the hotel in downtown. Each gallery displayed some works and sell them.

It was so fun! I could see a lot of works in the same building, and so fun to stroll between the contemporary arts.

The galleries came from mainly Kyoto, and other prefecture such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. I found a unique gallery from France there.


In the evening I moved to Jotenkaku Museum located at the Shokoku-ji Temple ground.

The exhibition was for Ukiyo-e wood block prints from the MKG (Museum fur Kunst und Gewebe) Hamburg. The works by Hiroshige, Hokusai, Harunobu and Kuniyoshi pleased my eyes. The colors used in the works of the Edo era are dull orange, moss green and yellow white (..what do I say..?), and each color was beautifully combined.

I am wondering that people in the Edo era really had  a same face like the works of Ukiyo-e, means small, thin eyes and mouth. Or is it a kind of style when Ukiyo-e painters drew the face? At least me (their descendant) is quite different from them. It’s interesting!

150th Aniversary of Japan-German Treaty

Ukiyo-e collection from the MKG Hamburg

May 21st – July 18th and July 23rd – September 11th

At Shokoku-ji Jotenkaku Museum, 10:00-17:00 (entry by 16:30), ¥1000

New German cafe!

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I wrote about the new Japanese cafe on my last blog.

This time is German!   GOETHE INSTITUT recently changed their style to open to public as cafe on the ground floor of the building.

Here we can take a break with German beer, sausage, and sweets while reading a book from their library or enjoying internet (Free WiFi).

I can’t say  the cafe menu is reasonable, but we can enjoy some sophisticated dish wares, furniture, lighting etc. Above all, it’s quiet and the view from the cafe is beautiful with Japanese garden. I’ll bring my Mac Book and work with coffee here next time!