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Welcome to Kyoto !

Kyoto is the old capital surrounded by beautiful nature.


Kyoto Prefecture is located in the central part of the island of Honshuu, Japan. Its population is close to 2.7 million. While Kyoto was the Imperial capital of Japan (794-1868), a lot of traditional culture appeared and flourished under the Emperor's protection. Another reason for the development of art and culture was the beautiful nature in Kyoto, which locals are still proud of today.

Artists in those days such as painters, poets, performers and craftsmen are said to have been inspired by the surrounding mountains, the full moon's reflection on the river, the specific differences between the seasons and other natural elements. Wouldn't you like to be inspired by Kyoto, too?

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    Kyoto city nestles in a basin surrounded by several mountains, which are not too high and not too steep. "Kyoto circuit trail", total about 70km in length, provides you with the green & healthy experiences in Kyoto. While enjoying the mountain trails, you can easily visit some temples & shrines. It's the perfect routes to exercise and explore Kyoto.

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