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Close to nature, Miyama!


The Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus will start the service between Kyoto city and Miyama Village on weekends and holidays from tomorrow, Septemeber 4th until November 28th.

The bus name is “Miyama-Nature”. (check the time table on this website)

It’s quite convenient because it’s a little difficult to get Miyama by train or usual bus. You take this special bus at Katsura Station on Hankyu line in the morning and get back at Katsura Staion in the evening of the same day. You can stay in Miyama Village for about 5 hours. It takes just 1 hour and half to get Miyama Village, and its round fee is ¥2800.

Miyama village

Thatched roof

After getting off at Miyama Kayabuki-no-sato Village, you may be surprised to see the different world. This pastoral wonderland may give you some nostalgic and sentimental feelings and a peaceful time, close to nature.

Vegetarian lunch in Miyama

You can enjoy a fresh vegetarian lunch in this village. It will satisfy your stomach gently. The Little Indigo Museum of this village is also recommended to visit. The beautiful navy blue dyed textiles are displayed in a traditional thatched roof house.

One day trip to the nature village is the feast for our five senses, really recommended. This is to say, Green Tour in Kyoto!

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