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Mt.Kurama hiking

Last Sunday in this beautiful season of new leaves I went to Kurama, northern part of Kyoto, to enjoy hiking with my friends.


The symbol of Kurama, a Tengu’s big red nose has repaired from damage due to typhoon last year.

We bought some sweet dumplings at a small shop on the foot of Kurama mountain and walked up.


I really love a hiking in this season of fresh leaves. Trees and their leaves are fresh and lively so make my mood up!

After just minute-walk, we reached Yuki jinjya Shrine, famous for a fire festival in every summer. In the shrine ground, I always like seeing a gigantic cedar tree called a God tree.



About 30 minute-walk took us to a main hall of Kurama-dera Temple. The hexagon point in front of the building is said to be the spot where strong energy comes from the sky. Each of us stood on the spot and pray for each desire.



It’s like a Harry Potter’s scary forest!

Here is the best photo shooting spot, the root trail. The ground just under the surface is so hard that the roots can’t go into deeply.

Around the top of the mountain, there are some small shrines to enshrine the spirit of a famous warrior in the 13th century, Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Also this mountain said to be the place where Yoshitsune learned how to fight by tengu.

Tengu is an imaginary creature so not sure whether the story about Yoshitsune and tengu is true. It is said in one theory that tengu were mountaineering ascetics at that time.

Let’s get down to Kifune.



It takes around 2 hours for walking on the mountain. That’s quite easy and fun due to many worthy spots to see.

In the Kifune area, hikers are able to take a rest in a unique restaurant built over the river (very expensive though..).

Kifune Shrine is must-go place of course.

One thing you have to be careful is walking on narrow road with many cars. Especially weekends in good season, the road is overcrowded with cars and bikes, so air is bad!! The area has changed a lot from when I visited last time a couple of years ago.

However, hiking was so nice and beautiful scenery was a feast for our eyes!


Access to Mt.Kurama:

Take Eiden line from Demachiyanagi Station and get off at the final station, Kurama. (¥430/one way)

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