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Escape from the heat city

The current weather of Japan is terrible!
Especially for this summer, it’s incredibly hot, 36~38c everyday. It is unbelievable temperature to think of when I was a child.
The globe is absolutely getting hotter.
Is Japan already one of tropical area!?

So, I escaped to the northern mountain from the heat downtown yesterday.
It’s not too far, just 30 minute-train ride from the Kyoto palace area.
It’s KIFUNE !!

Kifune is famous for the cool restaurants built over the river like the photo above.
The temperature is about 5c degrees cooler than city.
We enjoyed walking up to shrine along the river and found a unique event at the shrine held only yesterday.

Kifune Marche? sounds like French market!
We tried a curry and rice with venison, karaage chicken and juice with honey and lemon. This was the first time to eat venison for me, actually.
It was soft and no smell, so pretty tasty.
Shrine and food market! This shrine seems to try a new challenge. Not only for the market, take a look the photo below.

Wi-Fi, Facebook, Twitter, You tube of Kifune Shrine! Oh that’s brand-new!!
(Unfortunately I couldn’t find a Wi-Fi connection then..)

We prayed our family’s health and luck and enjoyed a unique omikuji -lucky fortune on the water.
This water is called GOSHINSUI means God’s water and free drinkable.

It was just a 3-hour-short trip. Very fun and cool, so I’d like to recommend for everyone who is living in Kyoto.
This terrible weather seems to keep for more than 1 week.
Don’t lose the terrible weather!

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