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GTK would like to introduce the real Kyoto life by GTK bloggers. Some of them migrated from their countries
to Kyoto, and want to share how to enjoy the Kyoto life. These blogs are quite useful for visiting Kyoto, and also
for people who hope to live in Japan.

Today’s Kyoto

It has been a changeable weather in a few days in Kyoto.

It ‘s like a winter with snow today and yesterday. But it was like an april  with 20 degrees just two days ago.

But Kyoto is safe! It’s unchanging. I saw some incorrect information in some foreign media, which wrote “all Japan is dangerous.”, “all Japan is contaminated with radiation.” or “Evacuate from Japan!”  They are definitely incorrect!

Take a look at some pics of today’s Kyoto below. The peach tree in the imperial park is in full bloom, and ..


Some people are taking kids to the picnic, some people are enjoy playing tennis and shopping in the Nishiki Food Market.  Kyotoites are living as usual!

The different thing after the Tofoku Earthquake is an only that every people always has one thing about people who are suffering in the Tohoku disaster area and Japanese future in one’s heart. And also they are preparing for money and food for the suffers and also the places after the suffers running away from Tohoku.

ピクチャ 1

The photo below is the old building with tea room in the Imperial park. This wood building was built about 200 years ago. Of course it has not been destroyed by this earthquake. Kyoto and other western Japan are completely safe.


The level of radiation in the Kansai area is same as before. (Don’t be surprised! The people with mask in the pics guard themselves against hey fever, not radiology.  I am one of them, too! )

Japan quake radioactive material monitoring post MAP :,0x34674e0fd77f192f:0xf54275d47c665244,0&msa=0&msid=208563616382231148377.00049e573a435697c55e5&ll=39.13006,140.229492&spn=17.158657,39.111328&z=5

Please don’t scare more than necessary!   The best season of Japan, spring is almost here!

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