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Charity sale for Tohoku!

Color Flyer

GTK would like to introduce one charity sale in the end of Golden Week.

Date: May 5th, 11:00-21:00 & 6th, 10:00-15:00
Location: 左京西部いきいき市民活動センター (Sakyo-Seibu-Ikiiki-Shimin-Katudo-Center)

(From Demachiyanagi Station head east. You will pass Heming Sports Club on your right and on your left, there is a broad area of hedge. Turn left at the hedge! Go straight up until you see a small tobacco shop directly in front of you. Take the road to the left of the shop and go up again. You will pass a temple on your right and then another temple on your left. Just a few steps further on your right is the Iki-iki Shimin Katsudou Center. There is a kindergarten on the ground floor. Go up to the second floor and we are at the far end of the building in Room 3.)

The sale is organized by NPO “IDRO JAPAN -International Disaster Relief Organization Japan”. They provides aid and assistance for immediate post-disaster relief and long-term support through relief tips and housing.
It’s sometimes difficult to do something by yourself or only by you. And people usually forget the memory though they want to do some help for the disaster area. To join the events of which IDRO Japan organizes is to help people affected by the disaster. Especially for Tohoku, long-term support is really needed.
This weekend, let’s go to the charity sale and realize our kizuna tie!

*If you want to bring something for the sale, please check the items what are needed on Deep Kyoto’s blog:

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