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To do on Sunday


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday yesterday.

I have started a new morning routine on every Sunday. Look at the photo above of which kids playing a football on the bank of Kamo river.

My son has started a football from last March, and he enjoys practicing and playing it all day of every Sunday, (9:oo~16:00!)

I wake up early morning together, make his lunch bento, go together and have a lunch under the sky together!  The scene of small kids playing football is so cute and pleasant, I really enjoy to see it.

Yesterday I went down to the Sanjo area of the river bank after support his football, and joined one meeting for “NO MORE NUCLEAR ENERGY”. The big group organized this meeting including a music live, outdoor cafe, speech and signature. This signature was for abolition all 7 nuclear plants in Fukushima. Of course I did.

I got an interesting data there. It mentions that the electricity of Japan is left over, means not to need to work the nuclear plants.

I attach it by PDF file.(only Japanese)




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