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New Japanese cafe



If you want to have a break and relax while walking around Kyoto, I’d like to introduce one new cafe near Kyoto Imperial Palace.

This cafe, produced by WAK JAPAN, offers a special Japanese tea which is harvested in a famous Japanese tea town of the Uji area, Wazuka-cho.

I tried Kabuse-cha (photo above, ¥600) with a Japanese sweet. It tastes a little salt first, next some sweet taste spread in the mouse. So fresh and sophisticated!

And Hoji-cha tea latte is also recommended. Visitors can choose a sweet from some kind of “the sweets of the day” such as matcha cake, matcha crepe etc.

You have a Japanese tea in a dim tea room while seeing the lane through the grille of machiya building… it’s just like one scene of “Praise of the shadow” by Tanizaki.

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