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Setsubun Ceremony




I went to Yoshida Shrine to enjoy an annual Setsubun event last night.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see the highlight of setsubun, the ceremony of sending off the demons because it was already very crowded when I arrived.

I put some talismans of last year into the designated place where it will be burned tonight. (11:00pm~) This is the Japanese custom that we bring the old talismans to the shrines to extinguish our guilt. (including the small lie, some spiteful words etc.)

The photos above are a usual scene of the festival in Japan. Kids enjoy some cheap sweets and toys. But I can’t say their sanitation is guaranteed!

I’d like to suggest you to buy some tasty cakes with high quality at the booth, located next to Institut Franco-Japonais du Kansai when you go to the Setsubun event of Yoshida Shrine. The booth’s name is CAFE Le FOUJITA. I got a apple-cinnamon cake and a baked cheese cake! Don’t worry, they are natural and without any artificial ingredients!

Please check out the GTK event page for the information and detail of Setsubun :

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