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Setsubun Ceremony


Yesterday I visited Matsuo-taisha Shrine, located in the west side of Kyoto City, to see an annual Setsubun event. Matsuo-taisha Shrine enshrines the God of sake (Japanese spirit), so there is a sake museum and some sake case decoration on their ground.

On every February 3rd, one unique event called Setsubun takes place. Some demon (people wearing demon costumes) dance on the stage and scare the audience. After their dance, the staff of the shrine throw the lucky beans, rice cakes and mandarines to us while shouting “Oni-wa-soto! Fuku-wa-uchi! (out off demon! happiness come in!)” This unique event is held not only at this shrine, but also at some shrines during these few days on this month.


Of course this event was so interesting and fun. But the most unique discovery was the tengu shaped rock next to the waterfall in the ground of this shrine. Tengu is the imaginary creature which is said to lived on the mountain and the expert of fight. Can you see the tengu face with long and curve nose around the centre of the red Shinto gate in the photo below?


Matsuo-taisha Shrine
Take Hankyu line at Shijo Station, change the train at Katsura and get off at Matsuo. (just 20 minutes train-ride)

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