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GTK would like to introduce the real Kyoto life by GTK bloggers. Some of them migrated from their countries
to Kyoto, and want to share how to enjoy the Kyoto life. These blogs are quite useful for visiting Kyoto, and also
for people who hope to live in Japan.

Kiyomizu Temple~Chion-in Temple


I went to Kiyomizu Temple this morning to work for the survey job by Kyoto City. Actually my work was just a management of the staff at the entrance of the temple. But it was difficult to find the foreign tourists because it’s not a high season for travel. We saw that the shops lined on the approach way to the temple were crowded with only Japanese junior high school students. You can enter and taste a lot of samples of Kyoto sweets in the souvenir shops, it is a nice snack after the breakfast!

After finishing this work, I visited Chion-on Temple, about 10 minutes walk to the north from Kiyomizumichi Bus stop. This temple is the head temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism. For the visitors, it’s famous for the huge gate and the long stairs. I saw the video, The Last Samurai, last night, in which Tom Cruise went up on this stair to meet the then Emperor.

Chion-in Temple


The photo above is the main hall of Chioon -in called Miei-do. When you enter this building, you can see the monks are saying the Buddhist sutra at any time.

Even if you are not familiar to Buddhism, you can feel some sacred feeling in this hall with the incense smell. I talked to my father and my ancestors in my heart and pray for their peaceful life in the heaven.

Later I returned to my office, daily real life has started. I think that there are some places in Kyoto in which people can feel themselves and feel peace of their heart. When I have some difficulties, The places release me and give a power. This is the reason that I’m living here, Kyoto.

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