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GTK would like to introduce the real Kyoto life by GTK bloggers. Some of them migrated from their countries
to Kyoto, and want to share how to enjoy the Kyoto life. These blogs are quite useful for visiting Kyoto, and also
for people who hope to live in Japan.

Next hiking in the season of fresh leaves


GTK decided to go hiking on Mt. Inari which is famous for Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine on the foot of the mountain.
Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine is, as you know, a popular site for tourists because of thousand of red Shinto gate in the Shrine ground.
But almost tourists don’t go up to the top of the mountain, do they?
These red gates lead the people to the top. Not only the gates but also foxes (statue) do it!
I’ll count the number of foxes in our next hiking!


After coming back to the middle of the mountain from the top, we’ll have lunch while overlooking a beautiful scenery of Kyoto City.
After that, we’ll follow the Kyoto Circuit trail route head to the Sennyu-ji Temple Ground.
It’ll take about 4 hours to arrive at Unryu-in Temple, one of the sub temple of Sennyu-ji, after the departure.

See the detail of the route between Mt.Inari and Sennyu-ji on GTK page;

At Unryu-in Temple, first anyway, let’s have a break with matcha tea and sweet as looking at a beautiful garden of the temple.
It would be a perfect rest after hiking, don’t you think so?


It’s not the end of the event yet!
We’ll experience “shakyo” at the temple. Shakyo is to transcribe a Buddhist sutra with 262 letters.
It used to be the way to spread teaching of Buddhism in the era which there was no technology of printing.
Now, it is one of training in the Buddhism because, I guess, concentration and some patience are needed to transcribe.
According to the impression of my friend who had experienced transcription, it seems people feel like peace and calm, free from busy life when they do it.
Oh,,I really want to try it!
It would be nice experience for non-Japanese visitors as well even though they don’t know Japanese and kanji.

(kimono girl in the photo is my friend. Don’t worry! you don’t need to change your hiking wares to kimono!)

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
That’s Kyoto!! That’s a hiking in Kyoto!!

We hope many people will join this event and see them.

DAY: May 19th, Sunday
PLACE: 10:00 @ JR Fushimi-inari Station
CHARGE: ¥2000 (including matcha tea set and transcription)
* You’re asked to bring your lunch and drink.
* Reservation is asked, please. Email:

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