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Hiking plan in autumn

Hello, hikers!


This is the notice about the the next GTK hiking.
Autumn is perfect to hike, overlook the city and drink coffee on the mountain!
Let’s share a wonderful time under the blue sky!!

ROUTE: Kozan-ji Temple (Toganoo) ~ Sawa-no-ike Pond ~ Bodai Water fall ~ Bodai-michi
DATE: October 20th, Sunday
MEET at: JR bus ticket center at Kyoto Station Shichijo Exit at 8:15.
(we can meet at the start point of hiking (the entrance of Kozan-ji Temple at Toganoo JR bus stop at around 9:30.)
FINISH at: around 15:00
FEE: 1,000 yen including the guide fee and some dessert.
(please pay the transportation fee and temple’s admission by yourself.)

*Please bring your lunch, drink and gloves if you have.
Hiking or trekking shoes are recommended.


So magnificent!! Mountain is close! @Kozan-ji Temple
Do you know a famous scroll called Cho-ju-giga ( Scrolls of Frolicking Animals and Scrolls of Frolicking Animals and Humans)? This temple is keeping the original one.


This is Sawa-no-ike Pond where we’ll stop by and have lunch. You can cook lunch like a photo above.
GTK will provide you with delicious dessert, Chocolate fondue here!)

(My friend, Steve walked on this route about two year ago. His blog about this route is fantastic and fun!! Worthy to read if you’ll try walking on this route.


We can see Mt.Daimonji located in the east side of the city from the route.

GTK hopes you’ll join us and enjoy hiking together.
Don’t forget the date, October 20th!!!

For reservation or some question, please email to:

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