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Poor pine..

When I jog in the forest of the Palace garden in the morning, I realize some pine trees are died (actually it’s not sure whether they are died, but definitely look so.)
A few years ago, oak decease was severe on the mountain in almost all part of Kyoto. After almost finishing the oak, it’s just turn of pine trees.


Finally Kyoto city decided to cut one died pine like photo above.
The reason of this decease is supposed to one insect that can’t share their life with trees. Insects put into the trees and prevent the tree to drink water from the soil.
Furthermore they move from tree to tree and the decease is spread. Oh, no…!!
The insects are supposed to had moved from the southern part of Japan because the globe is warming.
So, this decease can be said to be caused by human being.

Actually typhoon this year look strange and its damage is severer than before.
I guess the trees on the mountain are not as dense as before due to their death, so the trees may not be able to stop flood.

We have to think about it more seriously for environment and us.

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