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Hiking report!


It was cloudy, but good temperature for hiking on last Sunday.

I and journal Kyoto staff led 19 adults, 7 kids and 2 babies(!), total 28 members, to the summit of Mt. Daimonji.

Mt. Daimonji is the most popular mountain in Kyoto, but there are some members who had never climbed before. Its altitude is 460m on the top, and at the point of a famous character Dai is 330m. We enjoyed the special lunch at 330 altitude while looking at the view of Kyoto city. The view was not very clear because of the weather and the yellow sand from China. However, the lunch after climbing was fantastic!

There were a lot of hiking group, actually, I really surprised to see the hot pot party by elder group! Everybody looked very fun. Mountains are quite close from the city. It is a part of Kyoto attraction!



The photo below is the bakery, “Le Petit Mec“, which provided our bento lunch this time. The breads of this bakery are excellent! The shop name, taste of the bread and its atmosphere inspire us as if we were at Paris. Of course it’s my favorite bakery in Kyoto.


And I have to write about one serious problem that mountains in Kyoto have.

Take a look at the photo below. Do you realize some trees are dying ? These trees are some kinds of oak tree. A little insects enter these trees and spread germs.

This damage is increasing throughout Japan. In Kyoto, eastern mountains including Mt. Daimonji, Mt. Uryu, Mt. Kiyomizu etc. have been affected.

The scene we saw was so sad. It is really serious. If we people can do something, let’s save the mountains together.


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