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Kimono show

I went to Nishijin-ori Kaikan, Nishijin brand kimono center, to work for Kyoto City.
To tell the truth, this kind of center, means too touristy space, doesn’t inspire me very much because it’s always crowded by big tourists’ groups and the service is not very good.
I have no idea whether foreign tourists like this kind of show, , maybe they like it. And this show is free, and easy to stop nice.

There is few tourists on today’s first show, 10:00~. (The customers of this center are almost from China.)
Chinese tourists in this season are about half of every year. This reason is seems to the issue of Senkaku Islands.
I met some Chinese members on my work of these days. Perhaps we had this issue in our each heart. Me? Undoubtedly had.

Anyway,,if you have an enough time, this kimono show is good to see during your stay.

Nishijin Textile Center

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