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Hiking -autumn 2015

The GTK women’s team enjoyed hiking again this autumn.
The route was start from Ninose Station on Eiden Line and finish at Takagamine, Kita Ward. The length was about 8km, relatively easier level of hiking.

Haha..the first half was a bit tough to go up.
We met some groups on the way to the summit of Mt.Mukai (向山, 400m) because of high season of hiking.

When I arrived at the summit, we had lunch, best time of hiking!
I brought a set for Zenzai (red bean sweet soup with mochi rice cakes). Each of other members prepared each delicious mountain food. Just one thing to embarrass during meal time is coldness! Even though we have some hot food, we shiver in the cold. Anyone who have some good idea? Should we bring a tent on such a easy mountain?

The destination of this time route was Genko-an Temple (源光庵), well-known as a beautiful garden of colored maple leaves. As we thought, many many people (maybe from all over Japan) visited here, but BUT..the garden was not colored to red. NOT too early, some of the trees had already dropped the leaves.
This phenomenon was probably caused by EL NINO phenomenon, wasn’t it?

Now, the middle of December when I’m writing this blog, the temperature is 15c, much higher than usual December. I need no coat outside. The globe is alright??

By the way, we found a unique vending machine selling vegetables and rice on the way.
This is a good idea for both farmers and consumers. They are fresh (I guess) and the price is very reasonable.

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