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Autumn Hiking report -Mt. Daimonji

The weather is good but the temperature is getting cold.
Hiking would be enjoyable until the end of this month.
Indeed, I want to walk up once more this year.

This blog is a report of GTK’s previous hiking event.
The weather was perfect and people including both common members and new friends were wonderful.

Here are the photos.

At the point called Hidoko, where a famous summer event “Daimonji-no-okuribi” is annually held (altitude 330m)

At the summit of Daimonji Mountain (altitude 460m), from where we saw the Higashiyama mountains and Yamashina area of Kyoto.

After hiking, we stopped by Honenin Temple before heading to Shishigatani.

@Shishigatani C. where we had special udon lunch!

Udon shef, Fukuyama-san

Tasty udon with additive-free dashi soup and seasonal rice ball

What do you like to do after hiking?
Nice lunch, temple visiting, yummy dessert??
GTK’s hiking plan is usually held along with attractive event or tasty meals.
Next event will be in March next year.
Planing and thinking about next one is also very fun!

See you then!

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