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Hiking report -Mt.Daimonji 2012

Rain has stopped finally, which started raining during our hiking yesterday!
GTK could complete our event of hiking on Mt.Daimonji. Fortunately it wasn’t a very heavy rain. We could climb and have a lunch at the place of “Dai” character as we planed. We really thank people who come to the event and share a happy time.


GTK staff introduced some kinds of outdoor equipment while waiting our lunch be ready. The outdoor equipment are made not only as useful and light but also as look so “kawaii”! The only one fault of them is a little expensive!
As for food for lunch then, participants enjoyed the taste of dried rice or pasta. It was easy to cook, which just put a hot water to the rice pack and wait for just 10 minutes. If we have such like these food in a bag in our room, they would be very useful in case of emergency. Of course don’t forget to put some bottles of water together!
GTK really appreciate to the shop, LODGE which provided these food for our hiking. If you’d like to buy outdoor food and equipment, LODGE will help you all!



We stopped by the wonderful pottery gallery after hiking. This is owned by Mr.Robert who participated in our hiking. We could enjoy a different atmosphere and feel the Japanese beauty.
Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery

I always stop by one cafe after hiking on Mt.Daimonji.
Cafe KIMIYA provides Japanese sweet with bean paste. I chose a cold sweet with bean paste and ice cream yesterday. It relieved my tiredness.


GTK will have a next event of hiking in the middle of May. It’s a best season to see fresh leaves of the mountain. We are look forward to see you next time again!

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