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First mountain walk in 2016

A Happy New Year of the Monkey!!

How did you enjoy the new year days?

I went back to my hometown, Fukuoka city to meet my mother.
I had a plan to enjoy hiking in Fukuoka, the first time for me.
I know well about the route, information of Kyoto mountains, but actually no idea about Fukuoka.
My plan was to go and play at Dazaifu-tenmengu Shrine where is well known as the God of Study, enshrines Sugawara-no-Michizane, same as Kitano-tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto.
I found a good mountain named Shiouji-yama (四王寺山) at the back of the shrine.
Altitude is 460m, so nice for us, a mother and a small son!

This mountain has a long history from the ancient period around 700 A.C. to the 17th century.
On the way to the summit, there are spots at which we can imagine a traditional ancient building and at other spots, we can see a trace of the castle constructed in the 17th century.
From the trace of the castle, we overlooked the city including Dazaifu-tenmangu Shrine and Kyushu National Museum.

After about 3-hour-walk, we arrived at Dazaifu-tenmengu.
Many people, especially students who will take exam for entering highs schools or universities, visited there.
This shrine is accessible easily from Fukuoka station on Nishitetsu line, located at Tenjin downtown Fukuoka.
February or March would be best to visit because famous plum trees is in bloom in that season. The approach way to the shrine is fun as well due to many shops for souvenirs.

As for one bad thing in Fukuoka, as you know to see the photo above, air was not clean.
Actually I worried about air pollution before going to Fukuoka because it is nearer to China. I mean PM 2.5 from China.
When I searched the degree online, PM 2.5 on January 4th was 80 !!!!!!!!!!!
The average in Kyoto is around 10 and the standard level for healthy life is by 30, predetermined level in Japan.
I told to my mother about that, but she was not concern at all.. I know she is such a person..

The words of that day:
Walk on mountains and breathe clean air!

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