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Hiking plan on 3/27

This is the GTK hiking plan at the end of this month.
This time, we’ll explore the Kyo-tanabe area, the southern part of Kyoto.
Not only hiking but also we can enjoy temple visiting. The temple is famous for Ikkyu-san, a priest of Daitoku-ji RInzai Zen sect in the 16th century.
After hiking and looking around the temple gardens, we’ll have a monk’s lunch called Shojin ryori without any meat, fish as well as eggs.
Let’s share a precious time at the beginning of spring!!

Date: March 27, Sunday
Time: 9:00 at the central gate of Kintetsu line of Kyoto Station
Fee: temple admission ¥500 + temple lunch ¥2,260

For inquiry and reservation,
Please email GTK address:

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