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Next event for hiking!

Hello hikers!
Kyoto is getting warm day by day. Spring is almost here!

Let us tell you about our next event for hiking!


Upper photo is Daigo-ji Temple taken yesterday.
Lower is the same temple site which will be expected on the hiking day. (20 days later from today)

Yes! The mountain for the next hiking will be Mt.Daigo, located in the east side of Kyoto and back of Daigo-ji Temple famous for cherry blossoms.
Daigo-ji is well-known as the place where the big event to see cherry blossoms was held by a famous shogun, Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the 17th century.
This temple was built in the 9th century and worshiped by some emperors. And then it got over a few big fires and some wars and after that some buildings of the temple ground had been decided as National Treasure and Important Cultural Property.

So, GTK decided this temple for our hiking of this spring.
The altitude of Mt.Daigo is about 450m, so it would be perfect to hike for every hiker. Above all, scenery with lots of cherry trees would let us cheer to hike.

DATE: April 7th (Sun)
MEET: Daigo Station on subway Tozai line, exit no.2 at 9:00
FEE: ¥1000 including entry fee to the mountain
* Please bring your bento lunch and drink.

Reservation or questions;

Official HP of Daigo-ji Temple (English):

Here are the photos taken yesterday.

Two guardian statues will be waiting for us..@ the gate of the temple.

Some cherry trees already have begun to bloom.


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