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Spring Hiking by GTK

Has spring really come?
The ceremony for the new students of elementary school and junior high school was held in Kyoto today. Cherry blossoms were still blooming thanks to the sudden cold weather like the end of February last weekend. I can’t believe recent crazy weather even if I enjoyed spring sunshine last day.

GTK is planning a spring hiking 2 weeks later when spring should be here completely.
The route is like a petit pilgrimage this time, going up on Mt.Joju (成就山) located back of Ninna-ji Temple. Ninna-ji is famous for lots of unique sakura trees in the grounds.
This sakura is called “omura-zakura”, which is shorter than usual sakura and blooms about 3 weeks later than usual.

Mt.Joju is appreciate as the route os pilgrimage visiting eighty-eight mini temples on the mountain. The pilgrimage of visiting eighty-eight temples was established by a famous priest Kukai in the 9th century. So visitors can see eighty-eight statues of Kukai being displayed at each temples as walking on the mountain.
(For detail for the pilgrimage on Mt.Joju, see this blog:

After this unique walk, GTK is planing to have nice lunch at my friend’s restaurant about 10 minutes walk from Ninna-ji.

Date: April 20th, Sunday
Meet at Kyoto Station on 9:00 or at Ninna-ji on 9:45
Fee: ¥2500 including lunch

If you’re interested in this unique hiking, please let us know by email:
We hope to see you then and enjoy together.

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