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Omuro Eighty-eight Temple Pilgrimage

Happy New Year!

Kyoto Omuro Pilgrimage5

I enjoyed a unique hiking during New Year’s holidays. That’s called “Omuro Eighty-eight Temple Pilgrimage”, which was founded on Mt. Jyoju (成就山)located behind of 0muro-Ninnaji Temple, Ukyo Ward. This pilgrimage is about 3 km length, and the altitude of Mt. Jyoju, means accomplish one’s object, is 236m.

Eighty-eight Temple Pilgrimage was originally founded in Shikoku Island of Japan by Kukai who was a great Buddhist and a founder of Shingon sect of Buddhism in the 9th century. People follow this pilgrimage to achieve their goals or overcome their difficulties. Eighty-eight temples are located in four prefectures of Shikoku Island. In 1892, the then abbot of Ninanji Temple, Sainin founded a miniature of this pilgrimage on Mt. Jyoju. People can walk  and achieve this mini-pilgrimage in about 2 hours.

Kyoto Omuro Pilgrimage4

Kyoto Omuro Pilgrimage3

Kyoto Omuro Pilgrimage2

The small statues of Kukai and Nyorai or Bosatsu (the images of Buddha) are displayed in each temple. The route is simple and gradual. I met some people who enjoyed exercising and walking with their dog.

The view from the top was a touching sight! The roofs of Ninnaji Temple appeared from a thick trees, and I realized that Kyoto city is surrounded by beautiful and sacred mountains.

Kyoto Omuro Pilgrimage1

I arrived at the final eighty-eighth point before sunset.

I prayed that my dad, passed away to heaven three weeks ago, is living in peace and free from any bitterness and pain. And I respected his whole life he had walked and thanked for his love to me. It is really by the grace of his efforts and his life itself that I am living here. I really love dad..

Omuro Eighty-eight Temple Pilgrimage

1. Get off at Omuro-Ninnaji Station of Randen line or get off at Omuro-Ninnaji-mae Bus stop of Kyoto City Bus no. 26 or 59.

2. Walk about 30m west from Ninnaji Temple and turn right at the corner next to Seven-Eleven store. You can see the sign with 第一札所. This is the start point of the pilgrimage.

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