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Sakura in the palace

Hello everyone,

Almost cherry blossoms are finished. The season is going to for the new leaves.
Finally my favorite season will come! I really love fresh green color of new leaves.


But, please wait!
I’d like to introduce a nice place to see late cherry blossoms near my office. These blossoms are awfully and breathtakingly beautiful!
Their size is big and their color is freshly pink! And they look so marvelous because they’re blooming in the ground of Imperial Palace.
Okay, take a look, anyway.


They usually begin to bloom from the middle of April after almost other cherry blossoms are finished.
I like to have lunch underneath these trees in this season and sometimes have a picnic with my friends and family.
We can enjoy it until the beginning of May.
If you’re in Kyoto, I’d really like to recommend this place!
And you can also see the palace with the English guided tour for free of charge at 10:00 and 14:00 on weekdays.
First you need to go to the office of the palace located on the north-west part of the palace ground and show your passport to the officer.


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