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Exploring yellow autumn!

  • November 27-2014
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

Are you enjoy autumn?
Of course I enjoy walking as looking at the season changing, especially in the morning time every day. I take my son to his school through the Imperial palace (京都御所) every morning. Trees in the park have changed their color since last month.
Today, I focused the yellow, so ginkgo, actually ginkgo in the imperial park are amazingly big and magnificent.

Especially I enjoyed the yellow carpet made by fallen leaves.

Yellow on the leaves are also cute!

I think people has learned the artistic sense from nature. In other words, color scheme, composition, design created by nature are absolutely the best compared to those of man-made.

The town color will become to monotone one month later. We wait for a colorful world after winter.
So enjoy the beauty in autumn even though anywhere in Kyoto are crowded and you’re exhausted!!

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