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Enjoy Kyo-no-tanabata!

Today is 37 degree in Kyoto although it was estimated this summer is not too hot before starting this summer in TV news.
I used to live under such a terrible summer heat, but it’s tough actually.

I decided to walk along the river to make me cool yesterday, so I started to walk from Nijo Castle, where the annual summer event, Kyo-no-tanabata is being held.
At the castle, I enjoyed watching an interesting image being screened on the castle wall called “projection mapping”.

After that, I walked up along the Horikawa stream while I enjoyed several art works.
I could feel cooler a bit!!

This summer event was started just a few years ago.
Therefore, we can enjoy two events this month, which are this event and famous ritual, Daimonji-no-okuribi on 16th.
The summer in Kyoto is severe, but instead of it, there are some attracted events are held. (Daimonji-no-okuribi is not able to said “entertainment”. This is a sacred ritual that send our ancestors coming back to another world.)

For the detail of Kyo-no-tanabata event, check out the GTK page,

Don’t miss it! It’s going to end on 11th of this month.

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