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Cold..really autumn

Nashinoki Shrine

Hagi, autumn flower is in full bloom in the garden of some temples and shrines. This photo is that of Nashinoki Shrine, located on the east side of Kyoto Imperial Palace.

This year it was late to bloom because of the long and unusual heat of summer. You can see a lot of lovely oblong card with haiku which are tied to the hagi branches.

This artistic scene makes people recognize that they are in the peaceful world. I can say that Nashinoki Shrine (and the Imperial Park) is the people’s shelter from the busy lives.

There is one more reason which this shrine is loved. It’s water! It’s pure, little sweet and sacred! Please read the Steve’s blog about this water!

The autumn festival of Nashinoki Shrine will be held on October 10th, Sunday. You can enjoy the traditional Shinto music and dance.

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