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Get fresh water!



Where do you get a fresh water?  Drink a tap water? Buy a bottle of mineral water?

I usually draw water from some wells of Nashinoki Shrine and Shimogoryo Shrine on the way to my office. Both two shrines are located around the Palace, but they are in only the east side of the palace.

I discovered a new well for fresh water on the west side of the palace today! This small shrine with this well is Sugawara-Tenmangu Shrine (菅原天満宮). The God of study is enshrined here, so maybe the same sect of Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine which is famous for a big flea market and a beautiful plum garden.

I used this water for the coffee after the lunch. It was soft and tasty!

Rich water supply is one of the virtue Kyoto has.

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