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Temple walk and Italian lunch

Yesterday was a pretty crazy weather!
I woke up around 5am due to scary sound of thunderstorm. The rain was cats and dogs and lightning was so scared.
I was so disappointed because I had a plan of hiking on that day.
So I remade a plan of the day to easier walk which we can enjoy in rainy day.

I’d like to introduce one nice temple to walk in this season.
First, take a look at these photos of beautiful garden of the temple.

I focused on one plant in the garden, which is called Hangesho (半夏生)in Japanese, and in bloom only this season.
A few top of leaves change color to white. I wonder if you can find this plant overseas too.
I think it suits the Japanese garden.
..Oh I forgot to write the name of this temple.
I decided to go to Toji-in Temple (等持院), located near Ryoan-ji (龍安寺). You can get there by Keifuku Kitano Line from Kitano-hakubai-cho Station.

And after that, I enjoyed Italian lunch at the restaurant near Toji-in.
The restaurant is like an ordinary Japanese house in the residential area. So it would be difficult to find.
But their Italian plates were very good and incredibly affordable.

The menu we chose was the 2,200 yen course with starter, soup, pasta, main, dessert, bread and coffee.
I’d like to recommend you to spend a half day with this temple walk and tasty lunch.

Italian restaurant, Rocanda Kidaya:

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