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Exploring Shiga Pref.

I rarely go to Shiga Prefecture though it is just next to Kyoto. But I went to there to have a healthy lunch yesterday. The cafe was built at the ground of Seian University of Art and Design. It takes just 15 minutes from Kyoto Station by JR Kosei line.


This cafe “Cafeteria YUI” is produced by one company “Blueberry Fields Kinokuniya” which manages blueberry growth and organic restaurant in Shiga. Their food for lunch is amazingly tasty and beautiful. And also it’s very reasonable. Their interior is also nice with some stylish lamp shades made of cardboard and wooden table and chairs. As if I was in a wooden house in the forest.


There are some figurative arts at the ground of university. I enjoyed not only food but also art there.

After lunch, I took a walk to the famous temple, Miidera, located in Otsu of Shiga. Otsu used to be an ancient capital for only 5 years before the Emperor moved capital from Nara to Kyoto in the 7th century. In this temple, we can see many statues of Buddhism. They are so gorgeous!
The temple is usually covered by hundreds of cherry trees in this season. But unfortunately all of tree were not blooming. Cherry trees in Kyoto are not in bloom as well. It’s about 1 week later than usual. I hope to see cherry blossoms and have bento lunch under them soon!


Blueberry Fields Kinokuniya :
Miidera Temple :

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