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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

I enjoyed a petit agriculture at Ohara, north part of Kyoto City yesterday.
I applied to the 3 month-event which raise potatoes with farmers. This wonderful event is produced by Village Trust Tsukuda-Noen farmer in Ohara. Tsukuda-Noen is managed by one young couple who migrated to Ohara to open their farm about 7 years ago. They have been trying to communicate with local people through farming and to spread agriculture to many people.


Many kids joined it yesterday, they were so excited to plant potatoes. It’s a very good opportunity for them to know how their food on the table is to be made.
A funny look girl with a hoe on the photo is me. Don’t think of me as a little strange person. I just protected from a lot of pollen from the mountains back of me! Actually I have a hay fever..

Before it, I dropped in an Ohara Market. I bought some fresh local vegetables and some cookies with fresh eggs. We can see the photos of the farmer who raised vegetables, so it’s a very safe shopping.


It was a good Green Tour yesterday!

Village Trust Tsukuda-Noen :
Sato-no-eki Ohara (Ohara Market) :

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