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‘Asaichi’ near my house

I have a favorite morning market held once a month close to my house.
This “asaichi” -morning market in Japanese, is held at the entrance of KBS (Kyoto Broadcasting System) Kyoto next to Kyoto Imperial Palace.
I enjoyed it this morning.

There are many booths selling fresh vegetables, local food and flowers. Shoppers mostly come from Tanba, north part of Kyoto and their products are really fresh and safe. This time I got organic red potatoes, Japanese sweet and onigiri (rice ball) for my breakfast.

Next market in July is not decided yet. but I will notice it on GTK event page later.

By the way, the photo below is a plum wine I made about a half month ago. I picked plum fruits at the plum garden in the Palace ground.
Actually I’m not sure if picking them is allowed, but it might not be prohibited as well.. because I saw some locals did it while the palace officer went through beside them.
Anyway, I appreciate beautiful and generous environment, and I look forward to drinking it this autumn.

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