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Ohara Sunday Market


It was a sunny Sunday yesterday. Jidai-matsuri Festival was held in downtown.
I woke up early and went to Ohara, northen part of Kyoto city, to enjoy the Sunday Market which is held at 6~9am every Sunday.
Not only fresh vegetables but also flowers, bread, handicrafts etc. are displayed at like a garage. I was so excited to see them and, above all, to breathe fresh air of Ohara in such a beautiful morning.
Each bunch of vegetables is almost ¥100, so cheap! I got a lot of them and some wildflowers.
After shopping, I had a cup of coffee with a homemade mint cake at the corner of the market. So happy!
One more happy thing was to see one woman by chance! Her name is Venetia who is a writer and living in Ohara, sometimes has the lecture about the herbs she is growing. I like to read her books and want to spend time in the country side like her, actually. Of course I said hello to her and talk about GTK a little!
Wao! The early bird catches the worm!
I enjoyed walking to Sanzen-in Temple through the mountain trail after the market. It was a nice excise!

Ohara Sunday Market : 6am~9am every Sunday
1 minute south walk from Nomura-wakare Bus stop of Kyoto Bus. (No.16 or 17 of Kyoto Bus from Kyoto Staion or Demachi-yanagi Station)


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