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To be “Oharame”?


Which do you prefer the city or the countryside? Kyoto is the place where you can enjoy both!
This time I’d like to introduce a unique chance at the countryside, Ohara. Ohara is in the northern part of Kyoto City, yes! it is in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City. But there are a lot of fields for rice and vegetables and mountains in the Ohara site.
At Ohara until 13th of this month, you can transform into Oharame which was the women in a traditional costume and sold some vegetables and firewood at downtown in the old days. (free of charge) And you can walk around Ohara, of course visit temples while wearing this costume. Sounds interesting!


Place: Ohara Tourism Office (tel: 075-744-2148, Nomura-wakare Bus stop)
Time: 10:00-14:00 (Reservation is needed by one day before.)

One more recommendation at Ohara; would you like to take natural onsen with a light snack ? Ohara-sanso is a ryokan with onsen and offers a one day onsen plan with some light meals. (Ex. ¥1570 for onsen and onigiri set) Please see their website:

Enjoy Oharame at the countryside!

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