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GTK would like to introduce the real Kyoto life by GTK bloggers. Some of them migrated from their countries
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for people who hope to live in Japan.

Short trip to Hanase

Do you know the Hanase area located in the northern part of Kyoto City? Or have you ever been to there?
I went there last weekend, it’s my first visit!
Getting Hanase is easy, just 1 hour bus ride from the Demachiyanagi area (Kyoto Bus). The bus goes toward Kurama and Ohara, and the view from the window of the bus is getting green deeply. Be careful! The road in the mountain short of Hanase is terribly winding. My son felt so sick..
When I got off the bus, I was surprised the cool air in Hanase. The temperature is definitely different! (5c~10c lower than downtown)

Hanase, Kyoto

This time trip was the program for parents and kids by Kyoto City at the Hanase-yama-no-ie outdoor center. Some handicraft workshops, some activities in nature and three meals were provided. We enjoyed making plates with the local earth, bamboo flute, pot plants with local moss, baking sweet potato, of course, hiking etc.

You can use this center if you’d like to go. (Japanese only)

Reservation 4 months before is needed!
I recommend to go in summertime to escape the severe heat in the city and in autumn to enjoy the red colored leaves.

“Nature is close”..I always feel so in Kyoto. I mean if you live in Kyoto and walk in the mountains, you could recover soon when you feel difficult in your everyday life.
This is the advantage of living in Kyoto!

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