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Hiking report -Kumogahata


GTK friends enjoyed hiking last Sunday.
The weather was wonderful, mountain was beautiful, people were great! We’re really lucky hikers!
The most wonderful thing was to hike with local persons who guided us to the safe way on the mountain and enjoyed talking.
They love the local mountains and keep them clean. And also the collage group of Kyoto University has helped to cleaned and the mountains in the Kumogahata area and made the hike road from a few years ago. Kumogahata is a lucky countryside where is loved and protected. Of course they have some problems though..


However, unfortunately, we had one not good thing during the event.
When we entered the Shimyo-in Temple, the monk of the temple appeared and suddenly shouted us.
Actually I didn’t understand what he said because nice atmosphere suddenly changed to very evil one.
“Don’t take photos!!!!! Who is the leader of this group? You don’t know the rule of this temple not to take photos? (in Japanese)”
I know. But no photography is from the gate called Sanmon. We took them just at the entrance. Our doing was not wrong. We had never fail. We were a good mannered group anytime, of course.
It was just mood of the monk. The rule of Shimyo-in Temple may be done depends on the monk’s mood of the day.
His crazy attitude was not as the person who welcome the guests. Of course we paid the entrance fee. He must use the fee we paid for the maintenance of the temple or everyday food of them! He is wrong and a not good person.
We were really disappointed. And I really regret to had chosen this temple in our hiking this time.
I don’t recommend you to visit this temple.
Of course I sent the letter of protest to him later. I don’t think he will realize his fail, though.

Anyway, thank you for smile and kindness of GTK friends.
I’m glad you will join us next time, too.

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