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Today’s Mt.Daimonji

I changed my schedule and enjoyed hiking on Mt. Daimonji because the weather was very comfortable and sky was so beautiful today. I really like this season as the beginning of autumn, especially the sky in October is best! I love it!

And the aim of this hiking was to know the current situation of this mountain, means “naragare” disease.

The situation of oak trees were better than I thought, of course than last same season. But I realized a lot of pine trees were not alive.

However I felt  strong nature is here. Not only beautiful trees but also some kinds of insects such as grasshoppers, dragonfly, bee, cicada welcomed me. I enjoyed seeing they came to me to say hello. But I was confused with a group of bee or flies, actually.

Here are the photos of today.


Lighting work by spider


Clear view of Kyoto City


Can you see some died pine trees?


Charcoal after Daimonji-no-okuribi  (I brought them to home to use for my garden!)


Oh..some of the plastic for covering the cut trees were broken. Was it by last typhoon?

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