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Half day break to Ohara

Today is the middle day of the Japanese long(!?) holidays, GW.
I went to Ohara, countryside of north part of Kyoto City. This is one of my favorite areas where I can visit easily and enjoy atmosphere and fresh air of countryside.


I’d like to introduce one temple that is my best in Ohara.
This is not Sanzen-in Temple, most famous in Ohara, not Jyakko-in Temple, most popular temple.
This is Shorin-in Temple (勝林院), belongs to Tendai sect of Buddhism.


Take a look at the photo of the building above.
How magnificent it is!! This was built just 1000 years ago, 1013. (Actually it was destroyed by fire about 500 years ago and re-build. )
How elaborate the decoration on the wall is, as well!!! It is traditional decoration of Japanese architecture called Ranma.


The statue of Buddha, Amida-nyorai with handsome looking inside the building is that’s why I recommend to visit. I could be relax to see his gentle face in a quiet and incensed room. Other two statues beside Amida-nyorai look different from usual Japanese statue in Buddhism. Their looking is like ones of India or China, so exotic!

For other funs in Ohara, you can enjoy shopping fresh vegetables, dumplings and sweet at the local market. And taking natural bath is also recommended.
And, of course, don’t miss to walk on the route of Kyoto Circuit Route around the Ohara area.
From Ohara, you can go west heading Kurama, and go east heading Mt.Hiei.
When you make a plan to walk on mountains, check the information on GTK page;

If you want to rent some fields in Ohara to grow vegetables, see this blog of GTK;

Enjoy nature in the countryside where you can stop by easily!

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