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GTK would like to introduce the real Kyoto life by GTK bloggers. Some of them migrated from their countries
to Kyoto, and want to share how to enjoy the Kyoto life. These blogs are quite useful for visiting Kyoto, and also
for people who hope to live in Japan.

Art week

This spring is unusually cold, especially now, during big holidays called “Golden Week”.
I have a coat and scarf actually.

In the beginning of GW, I was invited to the Japanese drum performance of the Noh tradition.
This was for the anniversary of the oldest Noh drum player, Mr. Hiroshi Sowa (曽和博朗, 88 yrs), organized by his grandson, Mr.Naoyasu Sowa (曽和尚靖).
I really enjoyed Japanese traditional sound and quiet moving at Kongo Noh Theater.
This theater was built comparatively and harmonized with beautiful Japanese garden.


A couple of days later, I enjoyed a very different kind of performance.
GEAR, the complex dance performance at a small theater, is being performed every weekend at downtown Kyoto.
Five dancers including one kawaii girl like an anime icon are appear and show their exciting performances.
GEAR, and others as this kind of performances are featured to use some effective lighting linked to the story.

The stage set before starting

After the performance..can you imagine what was happened?


GEAR is performed at 3F of ART COMPLEX Building, corner of Sanjo street and Gokomachi street.
This would be a nice entertainment at night time for travelers from abroad as well because of without words.
Oh,,it’s same as the Noh, isn’t it?
One is static and other is active, but they are same as the high-quality and non-verbal performance.
Which do you prefer to visit?



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