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Gion-Matsuri started!

The biggest festival of Kyoto has started! Do you listen to the sound called Gion-bayashi which is a back music of Gion-Matsuri with Japanese flute, drum and bell. It sounds so exciting!
This festival is held the whole July through. I’d like to introduce the highlight events of Gion-Matsuri.

Welcoming lanterns at Yasaka Shrine, 16:30~
Mikoshi purification at Shijo-ohashi brigde, 20:00~
10th ~ 13th
Hoko construction at Hoko towns
14th ~ 17th
Eve of the grand Procession at Hoko towns
Traditional Japanese Perfornance at Yasaka Shrine, 15:00-18:00
Tea ceremony Festival at Yasaka Shrine, 9:00~
Grand Procession, starts at Shijo Street, 9:00~
Flower umbrella Procession at Yasaka Shrine, 10:00~
Kyogen performance at Yasaka Shrine, 11:00~
Mikoshi purification at the corner of Shijo Street and Kawabata Street, 20:00~
Summer purification Ceremony at Yasaka Shrine, 10:00~

Enjoy the festive atmosphere!

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