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Gion delicacy!

Delicious sweets at Gion in a spring day..

We had a Kyoto sweets break yesterday. Do you know a white something in a green lacquer bowl? And a black somtehing next to a green it shoyu soy sauce?
Udon noodle?
No! this is a kuzukiri noodle sweet which is a traditional Japanese cold sweet made from the roots of kudzu vine. The black sauce for kuzukiri is a kuromitsu made from a brown sugar.
It is soft and tastes naturally sweet. If you ate this special kuzukiri, you couldn’t buy a simple kuzukiri at a convenience store!
Enjoy this unique delicacy at Kagizen in the heart of Gion.
(100m east from the corner of Shijo st. and Kawabata st., the north side of Shijo street)


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