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Aoi Matsuri procession

  • May 15-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

It’s a nice weather. (It’s unusual, I remember that there are much rain in Aoi matsuri day, anyway, lucky this year!)

A lot of foreign travelers come to Kamigamo Shrine to see it. They seem to like okonomiyaki Japanese (Osaka) style pizza!
Kamigamo Shrine is a goal point of the procession. The participants who had been walking from the Imperial Palace looked a little tired. I know! It’s too hot to walk for about 3 hours. In addition its procession go very slowly.
As for me, It’s a lucky situation! I was provided a best seat to see it as the privilege of the Futaba-aoi plants owner. Futaba-aoi plants are the symbol of Aoi-maturi, which are the spontaneous one and are threatened with extinction. I put up for raising them by the collection of Kyoto Prefecture Environment Agency.
Saio-dai who is a princess of Aoi Matsuri gets off the car and walks from the entrance of the approach to Kamigamo Shrine. Some Imperial costumed girls attend her and proceed to the the main hall of the shrine slowly. How are the successive princess chosen? Every Kyoto girl hopes to be the princess? I don’t know, but the princess face looked quite tensed up. This is a cool expression, Japanese style.
Very surprised! When I came back to my office, located in front of the Imperial Palace, I encountered the bus on which the Aoi-matsuri costumed women was geting. They came back to the Palace, and changed the costumes. It’s a unique accident!


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