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"Futaba-Aoi" Japanese plant

  • April 8-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

Have you ever seen the Aoi-matsuri festival, one of the 3 major festivals in Kyoto, annually held on May ? This Aoi word was derived from the Japanese original plant Aoi.

Kyoto prefecture collected the fund for protect the cultural or environmental properties of Kyoto in the end of last year. I contributed.
And then I’ve given the right to be an owner to grow the futaba-aoi plants.
Wao, I am very pleased to grow them because my favorite hobby is gardening!
Yesterday I picked them at Kamigamo-jinjya Shrine, which organizes the Aoi-matsuri festival.
This shrine is worth to visit! You could imagine the scene of the olden days, which the kimono costumed people would play a poem game at the side of a stream.


See more the photo of Kamigamo jinjya Shrine, click here (flicker)

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