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Potato harvest

Severe heat has suddenly come to Kyoto. Actually my body can’t accept this big change after rainy days.
It took time to realize I have this Kyoto summer every year. It’s not unusual. So! So i can overcome it…
It would be wise to stay home and have a watermelon in a cool room.
But, but, but I was staying outside, in the field in the hottest hours afternoon yesterday. Crazy..


I went to Ohara, northern part of Kyoto to harvest my potatoes.
I used a scoop and harvest my 3kg potatoes under a strong sunshine. Of course, it was fun and satisfied to see a rich harvest.
I thank for people who work for agriculture in severe summer and winter. It is very tough.
I gave up just for 1 hour work and went back to my home with a heavy rucksack.
The photo below is a homemade french fries. It was really really tasty. Safe and fresh stuff!


It was very hot. But a beautiful scene of Ohara with a summer sky and red labiate was amazingly beautiful. Really beautiful.
I realized I love nature and love to be in it.
I have to practice to work under the sun..


If you’re interested in join a mini agriculture, click this page,
Village Trust Tsukuda-noen;

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