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Permaculture experience in Ohara


I went to Ohara to take photos for the feature of next “journal Kyoto” yesterday, on September 11th. Ohara is located in the northeast part of Kyoto city, and it takes just 30 minutes bus-ride from the Imperial Park area. I realized afresh that Kyoto is close to mountains. This short trip is, that is to say, the “Green Tour” in Kyoto!



The highlight of this trip is to experience a petit farming. This farming is a special way called permaculture (permanent agriculture). It’s a completely organic and sustainable farming without tractor and other machines.

Journal Kyoto members and, of course, me tried picking a lot of eggplant. Picking the fresh vegetables close to the earth made us release from each difficulties of our daily lives. Yes,, more or less, we have some stress in busy days.



Look at the lovely ducks above!

They are the reliable 11 hearts in the field. They eat the vermin, roll the field, and their droppings become to the perfect manure. They are great!!

The ducks and David, who is the owner of the field and took care of us on this day trip, are living together as a family. He said that working with animals in the field is one of the permaculture philosophy.

We experienced only the tip of the iceberg of agriculture. I suppose David has been dedicating his energy and time to the permaculture. It’s not easy, so worth admiring.

The next “journal Kyoto” in both English and French will come out on October 1st, in which David will introduce his life.

Of course the sightseeing part in Ohara such as Sanzenin Temple, Jyakkoin Temple, Onsen ryokan etc. will be introduced.
It must be a good short trip idea in autumn!

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