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Urgent! Part time job!

Kyoto Imperial Park

Hi everyone,

Typhoon is gone! Don’t you think today’s sky is that of autumn? favorite season! balmy and sometimes feel lonely..!

This time I have to notice about the requirement for 4 more foreign residents who speak English!

This is the request from one Japanese company WAK JAPAN, and they are urgently need the persons who work for part time job in October.

Check the list below, and contact WAK JAPAN by this weekend (September 11)

WAK JAPAN Program Offer

We will have an integration program where you can meet with high school students

and we are wondering if you are interested in participating in the program as leaders or


Please read below and email back to us if you would like to apply.



Date: October 14th, 2010 THU

Meeting time: 12:00

Time: 12:30-17:30(5 hours)

Program contents: will be informed later

Provisional meeting place: Kyoto University Katsura Campus

Payment amount : 7000yen for leader ( included transportation to and from the meeting place )

2000yen for sub-leader

The high school profile:  Niigata Pref. Minami High School

The number or leaders required : 20 leaders + 2 sub leaders


Att.  The transportation fee and entrance fee to temples and shrines

are paid by the Japanese students.  You will probably receive a 1day bus

pass and stroll by bus with the students.

Since this program needs lots of leaders, if you have any friends who

are interested in this program, please give us an e-mail, We will

set the date for interview and registration.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and we look forward to many replies!

Akiko Otsuki      E-mail:  HYPERLINK “”

Phone: 075-212-9993


WAK JAPAN 修学旅行担当デスク/Field trip desk

761 Tenshu-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0812 Japan

Tel:+81-75-212-9993 Fax:+81-75-212-9994

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