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Precious meeting!

Buddhism meeting

It was an impressive meeting. Their action as the same Buddhist is one, and supports people all over the world without the border.

The Tibetan Lama, Tulku Jamyang Rimpoche came to Kansai Japan to have some lectures. He visited Sunkoin Temple, one sub temple of Myoshin-ji Zen Temple today, and talk with Rev. Taka who is the vice abbot of  Shunkoin and offers an opportunity of Zazen meditation for foreign tourists. They are the same generation and the same Buddhist. I was  really interested in their meeting and its matter. The meeting started from the general Buddhism matter to more special substance including the religion, Tibetan issue, of course, the holiness Dalai Lama, what they have to do for people’s lives and more. It was a really deep and precious meeting. I’ll upload the video of the meeting later in this blog.

with Rinpoche & Taka

I’m so lucky to be here and think about what I do, here at  Shunko-in with two wonderful abbots. The temple garden which I looked at while listening to their talk was tranquil and green, there I could spend a peaceful time, it was a really nice morning.

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