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Jizo-bon Festival

Jizo-bon event1

You may see the small stone statue called Jizo like the photo above while you’re traveling in Kyoto. Jizo said to be a guardian for kids, and the summer festival called Jizo-bon have been maintained in Kyoto. This festival is usually held by each district on the 3rd weekend of every August, for kids who are living in its district. I think Jizo-bon is a particular event only in Kyoto. I’ve never seen or heard it in other prefectures.

Jizo-bon event2

The festival starts from the sutra by the Buddhism monk, and the children rotate the traditional long beads. It’s a unique custom!


It’s a paradise for children because a lot of toy and sweet is given away. They can play all day, and may realize they are loved and guarded. However, to tell the truth, I have one complaint against the lunch of this festival!  McDonald’s in Kyoto supposed to be very busy on that day every year. Every Jizo-bon I have joined has the McDonald’s lunch! Is it the rule!? Japan has been having a wonderful foodie culture called “Bento” with a various vegetable and colorful looking! It’s definitely healthier than American junk food. If I was in charge of Jizo-bon management in near future, I would change this poor tradition.


The festival finishes at night with the firework play. The children go home and have their good dream.

Jizo-bon Festival is a unique and good tradition, has to be maintained.

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